Frequently asked questions

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  • Who is a Guardian?

    A Guardian can be any contact person for the Pearl wearer. Usually, the Guardian will be a friend, family member or other trusted person.

  • What is Sarita Family?

    Sarita Family is a mobile application, through which Guardians can locate and call to the person wearing the Pearl.

  • Can one Pearl be connected to several Guardians?

    Yes. You chose yourself who and how many Guardians you want to have.

  • Can one Guardian be connected to several Pearls?

    Yes. The Guardian can see all Pearls that are connected to their Sarita Family app.

  • What happens, when Pearl is sending an alert?

    If the Pearl wearer has pressed the assistance button, has left the geofence or has fallen, their Guardians will receive an urgent notification in Sarita Family mobile app. After a Guardian confirms that they have received the alert in the Sarita Family app, the Pearl will play an audio message “help is on the way”. The Guardian can then call the Pearl directly from the Sarita Family app, or locate the Pearl.

  • Can I disable GPS function?

    Yes, every function of the Pearl can be easily switched off and turned back on in the Sarita Family mobile app.

  • How do I wear the Pearl?

    The Pearl is worn on the top of the body. The Pearl is attached to the clothes of the wearer with a magnetic lock, which is safe and will not ruin clothes.

  • Can I use Pearl if I already have a pacemaker?

    Unfortunately not, as the Pearl contains magnets.

  • How often do I need to charge the Pearl?

    Depending on your usage pattern, the Pearl needs to be charged every 2-5 days. The Guardians can see the battery level of the Pearl in Sarita Family mobile app.

  • Can I wear the Pearl outside in the rain?

    Yes, the Pearl is waterproof, grade IP65.

  • Does the Pearl work indoors and outside the house?


  • Do I need to buy a SIM card for the Pearl?

    No, the Pearl comes with a built-in SIM card.

  • Can I stop my monthly subscription whenever I want?

    There are two types of subscription:


    The annual subscription has 12 months binding period. After 12 months the subscription can be changed to monthly, and can be cancelled at any time.


    The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time.

    If you are already a customer, you can manage your subscription under “Members login” [here - (embedded link)].


  • What do I do with the Pearl after I stop using it?

    We stand for sustainability. Therefore Sarita CareTech will refund the shipping of the Pearl back to Sarita CareTech, to recycle the product to the highest environmental standards.

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