Klejtrup Friplejehjem

Klejtrup Friplejehjem is a nursing home, in which quality, respect, cooperation and recognition are in focus. The challenge that Klejtrup Friplejehjem faced, was that the seniors were very active, but the signal of their current solution didn't reach far enough to cover their need outside of their home. Through a co-creation process, Sarita developed a solution to their challenge with the help of Klejtrup Friplejehjem. The solution was effective to such a degree, that other citizens in the area experienced the positive aspects of the user-friendly solution.


Aarhus Friplejehjem

Aarhus Friplejehjem Kløverbakken nursing home is a modern nursing home, that strives to provide the best type of care for every resident. Aarhus Friplejehjem cherishes the human interaction, and the nursing home staff provides the assistance needed for the residents, who are not capable to live in their own homes. The challenge that Aarhus Friplejehjem faced, was the need for improved observation of residents outside of the nursing home and the lack of easy contact with the residents, as well as the other nurses. The Sarita Lighthouse solution enabled easier contact between nurses and the residents, as well as between the nurses themselves. Furthermore, the solution also contributed with several tools, that helped the nurses being even more efficient.


Kristiansgården nursing home is a pilot partner. The flats in each house are oriented around a common courtyard and each house has a common kitchen and living area. The nursing home will pilot an innovative data transmission system, that Sarita developed to improve indoor location ability and battery life of other solutions. The result of the pilot was a cheaper solution for Kristiansgården, as well as a decreased amount of mistakes associated with equipping the seniors with such equipment.



Monday - Friday

9.00 - 17.00


+45 60 70 49 77


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Klejtrup Friplejehjem

Aarhus Friplejehjem